QC of T and S Profiles

QC of T and S Profiles


Includes discrete samples, sensor chains, expendable profilers, cycling floats, undulating/soaring profilers and CTD


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Primary Standards for Consideration

  1. Argo Quality Control Manual, Version 2.2
  2. Coriolis Data Centre In Situ Data Quality Control - Mar 2005
    1. Controle Qualite Visuel Coriolis Version 1.1.pdf - Listed as a necessary sub-component
  3. GTSPP Realtime QC Manual IOC M&G 22 Revised
  4. Quality Control Cookbook for XBT Data, CSIRO Marine Laboratories Report 221
  5. SCOOP System from SISMER
    1. Short HTML description
    2. Longer PPT presentation
    3. Manual
  6. Data Quality Control Procedure Applied to the M3A Buoys
  7. Procedures Used at AOML to Quality Control Real Time XBT Data Collected in the Atlantic Ocean
  8. Argo UK Floats Real Time QC: Profile Data - Although extremely short, and lacking detail, this concise list of tests is one of the most comprehensive
  9. Quality Control and Processing of Historical Oceanographic Temperature, Salinity, and Oxygen Data

Additional Resources

  1. GTSPP Realtime QC Manual IOC M&G 22 - Original IOC publication
  2. Manual of Quality Control Procedures for Validation of Oceanographic Data IOC M&G 26 - Contains a group of disparate manuals cobbled together loosely, with a common index to parameters. Possibly too old for current use, although some sections could be updated.


  1. Argo User's Manual, Version 2.1 - Strictly from the user's viewpoint with little QC process information, only results.
  2. Building a Global Ocean Profile Database to Estimate and Heat and Freshwater Variability for the World Ocean - Extremely general description, but contains some great examples of QC problems
  3. Salinity Data Management Best Practices Workshop Report - Generally speaking, a good QA resource; but very little information directly related to S profiles, per se.
  4. Quality Assurance of Real-Time Oceanographic Data QARTOD IV June 2006 V 9 - Only a small amount of QA material



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