QC of Surface T and S

QC of Surface T and S


Includes pumped, continuous measurements of T and S; does not include remote sensing data or sources already listed above


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Primary Standards for Consideration

  1. AOML Steps to Quality Control TSG Data
  2. Coriolis Data Centre In Situ Data Quality Control - Mar 2005
    1. Controle Qualite Visuel Coriolis Version 1.1 - Listed as a necessary sub-component
  3. GOSUD Real-Time QC, Version 1.0

Additional Resources

  1. GTSPP Realtime QC Manual IOC M&G 22 Revised - This manual states that it can be used for surface data, but there is no further discussion of how its component tests (which are patently designed for profile data) can or should be modified or selected for use.


  1. GOSUD Website
  2. GOSUD Brochure
  3. GOSUD User's Manual, Version 1.0
  4. http://www.imos.org.au/facilities/ships-of-opportunity.html - IMOS activity in Australia
  5. http://www.aoml.noaa.gov/phod/tsg/data/qc.php - TSG QC at NOAA

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