Quality Control

Quality Control

Product-oriented actions, systems and methods aimed at measuring the quality of products and services to insure that they meet minimum requirements.

Stages in the Quality Control Process


Scope: Will not include process-oriented, quality assurance documents, or shipboard and laboratory manuals and methods. Concerned only with the primary data products, i.e. "dry," shore-side data values reported through various systems to data centers.

Data Types

  1. Historical archives
  2. Contemporary research and surveys
  3. So-called "rapid mode" operational dissemination (usually with automated but not expert processing
  4. So-called "delayed mode" operational dissemination (usually expertly processed after rapid mode dissemination)

Value Ranges

  1. Value Ranges for Ocean Data Summary page in OceanTeacher including some readily-found examples
  2. Manual of Quality Control Procedures for Validation of Oceanographic Data IOC M&G 26 - Excellent global ranges table beginning on page 241

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