Platform instances

Platform Instances

[Revised Jan 13, 2008]


Platforms - Hjalte Parner's PPT presentation

No. of Platforms 445 (see note below) 8593 6145 6145
Coding Scheme None 2-character country code (see the ICES/IOC country codes), followed by 2-character specific vessel identifier (only unique within that country) Unique index numbers, from 1 to 8970 (some values missing) Appears to be identical to ICES-SeaDataNet
Content Governance Standard GCMD ICES/SeaDataNet governance based on an e-mail list (platforms) including both ICES and NODC. Established to try and draw ICES/NODC lists back together. Internal/informal Internal/informal

Primary Standards for Consideration

  1. GCMD - 99% satellite instances; all vessels covered by single term SHIPS
  2. ICES-SeaDataNet - From
  3. WOD + WOD - From The TXT file is infelicitously formatted and cannot be inserted into a useful spreadsheet
  4. NOTE: US NODC and the WOD no longer direct code-seekers to which has been superseded by the above link.

Additional Resources

  1. The old CDI list can be provided, but it is assumed to have been incorporated into the SeaDataNet list above.


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