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No. of Records 2818 (with very many non-marine entities) 669
  • Unique codes for each project name consist of 3- to 35-letter acronym strings
  • Acronym strings attempt in many cases to display the hierarchical "location" of the entity within its larger organization(s)
  • WOD codes are unique numerical project codes currently ranging from 4-1226
  • NODC codes are 2-character country code (see the ICES/IOC country codes), followed by 2-character specific institution identifier (only unique within that country)
Content Governance Internal/informal

Primary Standards for Consideration

  1. GCMD "Data Centers" - From
  2. WOD and NODC - From

Additional Resources

  1. GCMD "IDN Nodes" (CEOS Agencies) - From; too limited, because it covers mainly space agencies.


  1. European Directory of Marine Organizations (EDMO). "This directory lists the organisation profiles of all (1000+) Data Holding Centres, Research Institutes, Monitoring Agencies and Research Vessel operators, that have an active role in one or more of the SeaDataNet Discovery services (EDMED - data sets, EDMERP - research projects, CSR - research cruises, EDIOS - observing stations/ systems, and CDI - index to data). Direct crosslinks are provided to their entries in these directories. The organisation entries are maintained online per country by the SeaDataNet partners." [Editor's Note: This is an implementation, and not a directly available vocabulary or code list, per se. The user accesses only 10 records at a time, from the entire controlled list. It is provided here as a superlative example of a catalog that could potentially be integrated into a global resource in support of ocean datasets documentation.]


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